People&co Declaration

By completing this application:

  • You understand that if your application is progressed, we will be asking you additional background questions relating to medical conditions, criminal and/or driving offence convictions, bankruptcy, employment disciplinary processes or dismissals and your insurability.
  • You consent to People&co confirming your work status with Immigration New Zealand.
  • You confirm that all information and material you have provided to People&co is accurate, complete and true as at the date of applying. Any changes to this information must be notified to People&co immediately.
  • You authorise People&co, or their agents, to make enquiries and collect such information from sources deemed appropriate and disclose such information to an employing organisation directly or in the form of an appraisal or report. Such information includes but is not limited to proof of identity, your insurability, your CV and all forms of assessment, including psychometric assessments.testing
  • You authorise People&co to contact referees nominated by you on a confidential basis. You understand that information obtained through this process is deemed to be evaluative material and will not be disclosed to you.
  • You understand that if you or any other person omits, alters or withholds relevant information, your application may not be considered further. You also understand that your employment may be terminated if, after investigation, an employing organisation discovers any information provided by you or about you, is false or misrepresented.
  • You authorise People&co to continue to hold all information collected from you and others, and to use that information for the purpose of assessing your suitability for future vacancies (permanent, contractor, consultant or fixed term).
  • You give People&co permission to discuss your background with any employing organisation for appropriate positions in the future. You understand that People&co will gain authorisation before providing your personal details to any third party.
  • You understand that you have rights to access all information you have provided to People&co and to seek any correction you think necessary to ensure accuracy.