Our services.


Great organisations continuously develop themselves and their people. They know that well-equipped leaders and teams are fundamental to execute their strategies and achieve their goals. We can support individuals and organisations with a range of organisational development services, including executive and leadership development, mentoring and performance coaching, career management, individual and team profiling, team building and organisational performance.


The attraction and retention of talented staff continues to be a critically important strategy for organisations, and a key competitive advantage. The best people will always choose, and stay, with organisations that offer them a good place to work and opportunities that fit their career aspirations. Our specialist consulting services include retention strategy and advice, career management programmes and phased retirement programmes.


Change is a constant for today’s organisations. In the best workplaces change is well managed, with leadership able to navigate the challenges, ambiguities and stresses that change and transition inevitably bring. Our services include change counsel and strategy, impact assessment using a range of tools, Agile change coaching, workshops and coaching for leaders, teams and individuals, and programmes to support people through career decisions, transition and outplacement.

Future thinking

The time to think about the future is now. Smart organisations are using insight and trend forecasting to their advantage. They understand the critical issues facing them today, as well as what tomorrow might look like in the context of their business. We work with organisations to look into the future, challenge thinking, and build innovative approaches to navigating the road ahead. Our consulting services include insight and analysis, strategy, future-thinking and future scenario development.

Organisational strategy

Achieving results requires a clear strategy that everyone across the organisation is working to execute. Usually the remit of the senior leaders in an organisation, we can help facilitate this process and work alongside you to build a cohesive leadership team, create and communicate your organisation’s strategy, and develop the people, processes and systems needed to move ahead with clarity and confidence.

Brand strategy & design

More than a logo, a brand is an opportunity to connect with people and build an enduring, trusted relationship. A well thought out and expertly executed brand strategy enables you to position your organisation’s products or services and build long-term brand value. We deliver design solutions that are appropriate, relevant and get results, and our services include brand strategy, visual identity development, graphic design and marketing communications.

Business support

Like all good co.stars, we’re here to help you shine and perform at your best. With you in the lead, we can jump in and provide expertise and support in any area of your business or organisation that needs attention – HR, finance, ICT, administration, marketing, communications and PR. If you’re looking to drive productivity and performance, but could do with some help, talk to us.